Our Concrete Panels are Durable & Cost Effective

We are a leading supplier of ‘UKCA’ Marked prestressed concrete panels stocking a range of standard panels as well as being able to supply lengths to suit your exact requirements. With over 10 years experience in supplying concrete products, we are able to fulfil your order on time and at a competitive price! Call us today for a quote on 01270 258076.

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Installing Concrete Panels

Installing our concrete panels is simple and cost-effective. It involves placing the panels between steel support or face of columns, which give the structure its strength without the need for foundations.

Our concrete panels are UKCA marked, giving them immense strength and durability. The durability means your panels will last for many years to come. Our prestressed concrete walling gives you a cost-effective and fast way of constructing grain storage, slurry storage and agricultural buildings. The concrete is easily cleaned and stays looking new.

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Applications for our Concrete Panels

Manufactured to UKCA mark standards, our panels allow you to quickly build walls for Cattle sheds, Milking Parlours, Stables, Grain Stores, Silage Clamps, Slurry Stores, Aggregate Storage, Waste Transfer Stations, Recycling Storage Bays and are a stronger, quicker and more efficient way to build a wall.

Our prestressed concrete panels can either be manufactured to your exact requirements or we alternatively carry stocks of standard size panels.

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Concrete Panel Dimensions

90mm | Ideal for livestock walling
140mm | Suitable for retaining wall for grain, silage and earth
170mm | Great for excess weight loads for high walls

500mm, 600mm, 750mm, 1,000mm and 1,200mm

Standard stock sizes: 4572mm (15ft) and 6096mm (20ft).
However, we can supply any bespoke length to suit your needs.

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