Using Concrete Defences to Fight Flooding

As flooding becomes more and more prevalent throughout the UK, many businesses and communities are looking for ways of preventing, or at least alleviating, the devastating effects that they can have. People are looking at a number of different options with many only finding expensive, temporary solutions that just aren’t sufficient for sustainable protection. Concrete provides a cost effective and reliable flood defence system and the material is increasingly being used in a variety of different situations; from business and domestic use, to the alleviation of those areas that are prone to flooding, as well as a coastal defence solution. IMG_4065 At Concrete Panel Systems we can offer a number of different products for creating flood defence walls, from concrete panels set in a steel framework to freestanding wall units and stacking blocks. A variety of heights and sizes alongside simple fixings also ensure quick and painless construction of your flood defence requirements. Concrete flood defenses also offer a robust and cost effective solution that can be installed quickly without the need for specialist equipment. Our team is able to work with you to create the exact specifications that you need, at a competitive price. For further information call: 01270 258 076

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