Tips For Planning Your Concrete Slurry Store


Prestressed concrete panels are a popular choice for slurry stores due to their durability and how quick and cost effective they are to build. There are however, various factors to consider before building your slurry store on agricultural land. Government guidelines state that if you are storing slurry, you must:

  • Inform your environmental regulator in writing at least 14 days in advance if you plan to install a new silo or alter an existing one.
  • Find out whether you are within a NVZ. If you are, you will need to follow certain rules such as limiting use of organic and inorganic nitrogen fertiliser and keeping records. NVZs are designated areas of land which drain to waters polluted by nitrates from agricultural land.

concrete-panels8 (1)You should always make sure that the concrete you are using is CE Marked. As of 1st July 2013, the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) required that manufacturers of construction products conform to a European Standard and CE mark their products. From this date, it became mandatory for manufacturers to provide a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for construction products which fall under the scope of the CPR and for those products to carry the CE mark to demonstrate conformity with the declaration.

It is also advised that you make sure the slurry storage tank accommodates at least four months’ production – including rainwater. We can help you build a bespoke quote so you get the right sized storage for your farm. Our Pre-stressed concrete panels can be manufactured to your exact requirements or we alternatively carry stocks of standard size panels in 4572mm (15ft) & 6096mm (20ft).

For more information or advice on planning your concrete slurry store then please call our team on 01270 258076

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