Oly Janes on his sponsorship from Concrete Panel Systems and Graham Heath Construction

Here at Concrete Panel Systems (CPS), we’re proud of the high quality construction materials and services which we provide to our clients. Our customers are pleased with the work and service we offer them, but did you know we’re always involved in sponsorship deals?

It may come as a surprise; but here at CPS we’re proud to support hardworking people in their ambitions. One person whom we sponsor is truck racing driver Oly Janes. Here we look at our sponsorship with Oly in a little more detail.

Who is Oly?

Oly is a celebrated truck racing driver with plenty of experience. Born in Bristol in 1988, Oly has worked tirelessly to become a leading racing driver, with Sky TV covering many races on their truck racing channel, and we are proud to do our bit to support him in his endeavour.

Having entered the world of racing at the tender age of 10 years old, partaking in the local karting scene, Oly went on to become a leading truck racer and has collected numerous titles and accolades over his years in racing. Moving up to Division 1 racing just last year, Oly racked up a startling number of wins during his Division 2 experience and secured a first podium finish on his third ever Division 2 race.

Overall, he scooped 6 wins and 6 second places in Division 2 races during 2010 with multiple podium finishes combining to help him win the coveted title of Rookie of the Year in the same year.

During 2013, Oly used his moving up into Division 1 to work on his new truck and is preparing to unveil it this year with new a team image, race colours and team wear. For the future, he hopes to continue to build on his strong reputation and hopes to attain a first place finish for the season.

With plans to potentially move up to Class A racing in the future, it is clear that Oly and his outfit have big plans and our sponsorship is vital to supporting that. Our money is used on race-day expenditure in addition to the research, design and implementation of new technologies in the industry.

We can’t wait to see what Oly does next on the track and we’re sure that, with a little help from our sponsorship, he’ll be able to continue achieving the fantastic results he’s known for.

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