Tips For Planning Your Concrete Slurry Store

Concrete panels are a popular choice for slurry stores due to their durability and how quick and cost effective they are to build. There are however, various factors to consider before building your slurry store on agricultural land.

Why Are Concrete Panels Suitable for Grain Stores?

There are many factors to consider when storing grain, and now with the CE Mark regulations in place, it is more important than ever to make sure you’re choosing the best quality materials for your grain storage. Prestressed concrete panels have long been hailed as the most efficient way to store grain, but why? Firstly, […]

How Concrete Panels Can Add Extra Security to a Business

A wide range of businesses have security issues that need a physical solution. Not only can these relate to entry and exit points, but they also apply across large scale perimeter areas and must take other concerns into consideration, such as visibility. Versatility and durability are prerequisites when it comes to choosing a system to address […]

Concrete Panels Are Perfect For Protecting Harvest Crops & Grain

When food is involved, protection from the elements is a matter of high priority. This is always the case – no matter whether you’re a large-scale supplier or a weekend gardener. When your goal is to reap a healthy crop, which is sustainable, attractive, delicious and nutritious, the avoidance of contamination is desirable for obvious […]

Oly Janes on his sponsorship from Concrete Panel Systems and Graham Heath Construction

Here at Concrete Panel Systems (CPS), we’re proud of the high quality construction materials and services which we provide to our clients. Our customers are pleased with the work and service we offer them, but did you know we’re always involved in sponsorship deals? It may come as a surprise; but here at CPS we’re […]

How Biomass Boilers Can Save You Money

The team at Concrete Panel Systems (CPS) have for some time been concerned about our energy usage. As a commitment to our environmental statement and the aim of lowering our carbon footprint we chose to move forward with a bio mass boiler. Formerly we were using a large amount of kerosene for our onsite operations. […]