New Storage Building with concrete panels for Set-Up (Scenery) Ltd

Sister company Graham Heath Construction recently designed, manufactured and constructed this 45m x 20m x 6.7m industrial storage building for Set-Up (Scenery) Ltd in Hertfordshire.

Their customer, Mark, chose black cladding and white painted steel, which Graham Heath Construction loved, especially as the colours are quite different from the usual colours they supply.

We supported the project here at Concrete Panel Systems by manufacturing and supplying 90mm thick panels to both sides and gable ends at a height of 1m.

Graham Heath Construction spoke with Mark, from Set-Up (Scenery) Ltd as were very interested to hear more about his business, which produces & supplies bespoke sets and props to the theatre industry, and were wanting feedback on the building and service received.  He kindly gave the following answers:

Please could tell us more about Set-Up (Scenery) Ltd?

“We build scenery for theatres, not TV or film, they’re very different.  The stuff we make has to last for a long time and is carefully engineered to be dismantled, transported and reassembled in as quick a time as possible.  So as well as the engineering, in steel or timber, there is the art, whether that’s painting walls a flat colour or creating multi layered texture for bricks or trees or old flaking wallpaper, this is where the magic happens.” 

How long has Set-Up (Scenery) Ltd been in operation?

“We started 21 years ago in a small pig shed and a few hand tools.  Now we have about 20 staff and 21,000 ft² of workshop enabling us to assemble 2 complete West-End size sets at the same time.”

What is your business aim/vision?

“We just want to keep doing what we are doing, enjoying life and work, not losing money and pushing the industry to become more environmentally friendly.”

What was the purpose of your new building?

“When we first moved to our current location the building was 10 times bigger than the old workshop giving us spare room.  We got into scenery storage and found a market.  Now that we need the whole workshop, this new building is to service the storage side of the company.  So this is existing shows that either come off the road or out of a theatre for a period of time before being re-staged.  They often need a bit of re-working so go back into the workshop before going out again.”

Were there any specific material or design requirements for the build?

“We have come up with a system of bays and removeable mezzanine decks, so the bay layout was very important.  Also we just needed it to be vermin proof and watertight, not insulated and without direct sunlight to fade the items in store, so we have rooflights on the North elevation only.”

Why did you choose Graham Heath?

“In researching a building supply and erection company I spoke with local farmers and saw the quality of work from Graham Heath.  It’s not rocket science but existing customers were happy with the service.”

Are there any features of your building that you are particularly pleased with?

“All of it”

We are delighted to hear that Graham Heath has another customer who is pleased with their building and concrete panels.

For more information on Set-Up (Scenery) Ltd you can visit their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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