Absolutely! We are based in South Cheshire, but that doesn’t stop us from delivering nationwide. When requesting a free quote, tell us your postal code and we’ll give you a price for delivery. Please note, you will need your own off-load.

Sure thing. If you have your own transport or other arrangements, you are welcome to collect your order from our yard. Once your order is ready, we’ll get in touch and arrange a date/time that is suitable for you to collect.

We wouldn’t say never, but this option will always be subject to availability of both stock and transport. Should you require urgent delivery, please call us direct on 01270 258076 to see how we can help. Most panels and blocks are made-to-order, however we may have some extra stock on the yard ready to be delivered/collected as soon as possible. 

Credit/Debit Card is preferred, but should you wish to make a payment via an alternative method, please contact us.

The quote(s) you receive from us will include the price for the products and quantities you have requested from us, as well as the cost of delivery if that has been requested. If you have requested multiple prices for alternative sizes for example, we will provide a breakdown of costs within the quote. Should you have any queries regarding your quote, please call 01270 258076.

A forklift, tele-handler or a crane will be required on site to off load your order. We do not provide this, therefore please ensure you have this ready for delivery.

All our panels are prestressed, which means the steel reinforcing is tensioned before pouring the concrete into the mould. Find out more here.

Once the panels have been off-loaded, they should be stacked on firm, level ground and separated using the stacking timbers provided.

Our concrete panels are manufactured to any length. We make these to your exact requirements, with a variety of heights and thickness available. 

The panels are cured on site and ready to use the moment they leave our yard (whether being delivered or collected). Therefore, they’re good to go the moment you have them in your possession.

All our concrete products undergo quality checks, therefore all panels which leave our site will be in tip-top condition. In the unlikely event a panel is delivered by us and is damaged, we will request photographic evidence of said damage and we will come to a solution from there.

We only manufacture and supply concrete panels and stacking blocks; we do not fit them. If you are having a building supplied and erected by our partner company, Graham Heath Construction, the team erecting your build will be able to fit these for you. Usually, we would have the panels delivered at the same time as the steel frame building.

Our prestressed concrete panels can often be mistaken for the same use as concrete gravel boards which you can use for residential garden fencing. However, our panels are not suitable for this. Please note, even the smallest panel we are able to produce will weigh at least 500kg.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Call our team on 01270 258076 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. We are open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.