Concrete Panels vs. Wooden Fencing


When planning to build fencing, there are a few basic requirements you want them to meet, for example; you need them to be hard wearing, simple enough to install and of course you want value for money. The first thing to consider here is materials. You could argue that there is no wrong or right answer here, but the choice between using concrete or wood can be crucial, depending on the location of the fencing and its intended purpose. Here we weigh up the pros and cons of using prestressed concrete panels vs. wooden panels for fencing.


To use a recent case study as an example, a CPS customer recently erected concrete fences at an Auctioneer site. The area was prone to wet and windy weather and a lot of the fences made using kick-board on site had rotted after only a few years. Therefore, it was essential that the new fencing could stand up to the conditions. The 90mm thick prestressed concrete panels provided a strong and durable solution, with even thicker options available.


The installation process varies greatly from wooden to concrete fencing. The wooden panels are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre without machinery however the design of CPS concrete panels allow for a smooth installation, due to the eyes at the top of the panels designed for lifting. The process involves placing the panels between steel support or face of columns, which give the structure its strength without the need for foundations. What do our customers say? For a lot of farmers, the longevity and durability of their fencing can massively affect the business and day to day operations. Pete Thomas from the aforementioned Auctioneers said: “Everyone who’s come here has said ‘Wow, what a brilliant idea – the fence will never rot!’ I have recommended Concrete Panel Systems to a lot of farmers around the market.”

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