Benefits of concrete panels for industrial buildings

From speed of erection to sustainability, here are a number of reasons why concrete panels are the ‘go to’ product for a base to industrial buildings:


Speed – Quick and simple to install, in just a few days fully completed panels can be erected to form complete industrial buildings (such as an energy plant, waste facility and aviation hangars).   Therefore, the use of concrete walls can reduce the overall timescale of the entire project and have the flexibility to accommodate design changes later in the process. Various sizes of panels can be bought ‘off the shelf’ ensuring the fastest possible delivery to  site.

 Similarly, our Interlocking Concrete Blocks are exceptionally easy to handle as each block has two threaded sockets built-in. We then provide M20 screw-in lifting loops, requiring no specialist lifting equipment, other than a hook and chain.  They can be stacked without any cement or bonding because of their interlocking properties, just like plastic building blocks! They can be used immediately once constructed and can be built much faster than using traditional techniques.


Durability  – This is a key feature of concrete panels as they are made from a strong, easily cleaned material that can withstand all weathers.

Security – Not only do concrete panels prevent damage from working machinery and vehicles within the building, such as fork-lift trucks, they also provide substantial resistance to unlawful entry.

Sustainability – Concrete is a great ‘local’ option with all the raw materials for reinforced concrete sourced in the UK, reducing the transport costs from both a financial and environmental perspective.

British Made – All CPS panels are made in our British factory, based in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. We ship nationwide and can provide products both off the shelf and made to order. From the batching of concrete to the use of the highest quality aggregates and cement, concrete delivers a superior finish. All products are also CE marked to British Standards.

For more information on concrete panels for industrial buildings, or to place an order, call the CPS team on 01270 258076.

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