Concrete Panels | An Ideal Alternative to Brick Walls

Any modern construction project needs to take a number of variables into account when choosing materials. Details can vary greatly on a case by case basis, even within the same industry or in similar geographical locations. However, there is one option that offers such versatility and durability that it is a being seen as a perfect solution across the board. An excellent example of this is a new state of the art recycling facility in the Midlands.

The Project

Jones Skips and Recycling of Wolverhampton is one of the largest independent skip hire companies in the UK and recent expansion within their business has led to a million pound project being launched to construct a brand new recycling facility.

Concrete Panel Systems supply a range of concrete products and were the first choice for the project’s planners.

Andy Yeomans from Jones Skips explained:

“We have used Concrete Panel Systems before and on each occasion have found their customer service to be excellent. Their products are always very competitively priced and our business has been able to rely on their punctual and prompt delivery of the panels, ensuring our construction project was delivered on time and to budget. This meant that we could manage the project with the confidence of knowing that delivery dates would be met.”


Security issues are paramount when it comes to dealing with recycled materials that have intrinsic value and formed an important part of the construction requirements for this project.

Jones Skips and Recycling were looking for a way to protect both machinery and raw materials, whilst also being able to segregate before and after the recycling process.

“We required a durable structure to protect the state of the art £1 million machine within our recycling plant and concrete offered a cost effective solution,” Andy Yeomans said.

Concrete panels and blocks provide greater strength and versatility than more traditional brick building methods and are also more cost effective.

Concrete Panel systems provide CE marked products that ensure their customers are getting the very best quality. The modular construction means that even if a panel is damaged it can be lifted out of the steel frame and replaced, no matter where the damage occurs. The heavy machinery used in this type of plant could easily damage a conventional breeze block wall and if that occurred near the bottom it would have to be totally rebuilt.

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