How Concrete Panels Can Add Extra Security to a Business

A wide range of businesses have security issues that need a physical solution. Not only can these relate to entry and exit points, but they also apply across large scale perimeter areas and must take other concerns into consideration, such as visibility. Versatility and durability are prerequisites when it comes to choosing a system to address these issues and as such, involves selecting the right combination of building materials when managing planning and construction of a project.

Prestressed concrete panels are widely used for adding security to a building, because they offer a unique way of tackling individual problems on a case by case basis. Scrap Metal Dealers RR Davies present a perfect case study which illustrates the advantages of using a concrete panel system for security.


An established family business with over 50 years of experience in the scrap metal trade, RR Davies chose Concrete Panel Systems (CPS) in partnership with installers KJM Civils. John Maroney of KJM Civils explained: “Concrete Panel Systems could not have been more helpful. We purchased the prestressed concrete panels on behalf of RR Davies and installed them at their site in Pontypridd. I had been quoted by two other companies and had even got as far as ordering panels, but unfortunately those other companies had let me down on both occasions at the eleventh hour.”

KJM Civils already knew of CPS and parent company Graham Heath Construction by word of mouth recommendations from colleagues and relatives in Cheshire. CPS have a track record of supplying prestressed concrete panels and concrete block systems to businesses, covering a range of different industries throughout the UK, so this was also a major factor in their involvement.

Modern alternative

This particular job for RR Davies involved creating a fence around the compound to protect against unwarranted entry. Also, because the contents of the compound included valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminium, brass, copper, bronze and stainless steel, visual security was of a high priority too. Ultimately, one of the main driving factors for choosing concrete over fencing or other walling solutions in this case, was its ability to screen the interior from unwanted outside attention.

Prestressed concrete walling presents a cost effective and efficient solution for a range of industries including agricultural, equestrian and industrial. Today, more businesses than ever are looking at concrete structures as an alternative to traditional building methods because of the speedier construction process, reduced overall costs and easy maintenance. RR Davies is just one example.

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