Concrete Rounded Interlocking Stacking Blocks

At Concrete Panel Systems, we offer a variety of concrete products, including our industry-leading Rounded Interlocking Stacking Blocks.Rounded Lego Blocks 1So, Why Choose Interlocking Stacking Blocks?
These high strength interlocking stacking blocks are designed to provide a solution for a huge range of projects including: weeping walls, soil / aggregate storage / retention, division walling, traffic calming, flood defence and security / property protection. Interlocking Concrete Blocks are exceptionally easy to handle as each block has two threaded sockets built-in we then provide M20 screw-in lifting loops, requiring no specialist lifting equipment, other than a hook and chain.

They can be stacked without any cement or bonding because of their interlocking properties, just like plastic building blocks!

They can also be used immediately once constructed and can be built much faster than using traditional techniques. Our Concrete Interlocking Stacking Blocks are the number one choice for a range of temporary and permanent uses.

Why Rounded Interlocking Stacking Blocks?
Everyone likes a nice neat finish, don’t they?! Our Rounded Interlocking Stacking Blocks ensure that every project is finished to the highest standard by providing a clean, rounded edge to your standard Interlocking Block wall. This creates a structure that is much more visually appealing and can be used for such projects as traffic calming, division walling and security protection.


Our Concrete Interlocking Stacking Blocks and Rounded Interlocking Stacking Blocks come in two sizes:

800mm x 800mm x 800mm
800mm x 800mm x 1600mm

 For more information, call the CPS team on 01270 258076.

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