The Many Uses of Concrete Stacking Blocks

Concrete Lego Blocks

At Concrete Panel Systems, we have a variety of sizes available for Interlocking Concrete Blocks, which can be utilised in many ways to suit your upcoming or existing project or build. Concrete used to be associated with municipal buildings and the brutalist school of design popular in the 1960’s, which led to many of the high-rise blocks that eventually became eyesores in many British cities. Today, things couldn’t be more different; the material is now acknowledged as a cost effective and versatile choice for a range of construction projects across a wide spectrum of industries. Leading suppliers of Cheshire concrete products and block systems include us – Concrete Panel Systems (CPS); a UK Manufacturer of concrete products, providing viable alternatives to traditional building methods.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks
More planners and construction professionals are choosing CE Marked concrete as their preferred material. This is because using prestressed concrete panels and concrete blocks means a speedier construction process, reduced costs and easy long term maintenance. CPS has built a reputation on providing the best quality CE marked prestressed concrete block system at competitive prices for a wide range of industrial and commercial operations throughout the UK.

The Many Uses of Concrete Stacking Blocks
Structures that need both strength and durability come in many shapes and sizes across a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Using concrete interlocking blocks can often negate the need for deep foundation work and walls, which means buildings are simple to erect in a short time frame. This is how we’re able to offer such a rapid turnaround. We also manufacture concrete stacking blocks to meet your required sizes. Outdoor cattle sheds, milking parlours, stables, grain stores, silage clamps and slurry stores are all common uses in the farming and agricultural sector. In other areas, aggregate storage, waste transfer stations and recycling storage bays can all benefit from the high-impact capabilities of concrete interlocking block construction.

Concrete Round Stacking Blocks


Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
Legal frameworks mean that manufacturers, distributors and importers of construction products used within the EU have obligations to make sure the CE Mark is carried on their products, where they are covered by a harmonised standard. This applies to fabricated elements and systems, so ensuring that the services of a certified supplier such as us here at CPS is used, which is essential when sourcing concrete construction materials. You can read all about our CE Mark certification here.

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