Cladding Panels

Our concrete panels are a versatile product and can be utilised in may ways. They’re a very popular concrete product, especially for the agricultural and industrial industries. 

Why should I choose concrete cladding panels?

Our concrete panels are robust, durable and versatile – three key components to constructing a quality building or wall system. You can use these concrete panels for two purposes; to improve the aesthetic value of the build, or to improve the building’s durability. Cladding a building is a personal preference with regards to which material you opt for. In the industrial sector, box profile cladding may be a popular choice. However, in the agricultural and equestrian industry, a mixture of cladding materials is often chosen. You’ll see grain stores with box profile cladding, then our concrete cladding panels at the base of the building. Alternatively, some buildings are more aesthetically pleasing with Castle or Yorkshire boarding, combined with either concrete panels again, or even brick for a modern twist.

Benefits of concrete cladding panels

  • Durability: our concrete panels are an extremely strong and robust product, which is why it’s so popular. They have unbeatable protection against weather and erosion and can withstand cold and wet weather conditions offering all-year round protection.
  • Cost-effective: for every project, cost is an important factor. That’s another benefit of concrete cladding panels; they’re cost-effective.
  • Low Maintenance: our concrete panels require very little upkeep once they’re installed. To avoid any lasting damage, just simply keep the panels clean where possible to ensure they’re well looked after.
  • Great insulation: whether it’s hot or cold, these panels do a great job at keep the room temperature at a reasonable level, no matter the weather outside.