Case Study: Two livestock buildings with concrete panels for Standean Farm

Last year, the Carnaghan family got in touch with our sister company Graham Heath Construction as they required two 100’ x 40’ x 15’ livestock buildings for their 1500-acre farm in Patcham, Brighton.

They informed the team that Standean farm has been with the family since 1935 and in its present form since 1978.  As part of their business aim for a sustainable future, they needed adaptable buildings that would stand the test of time.

These two livestock buildings, principally used for beef fattening during the winter months, were constructed with hot dipped galvanised steel.  Finishing the steel in this way ensures longer lasting protection and less maintenance over the years. As Standean farm is located near to the coast, salt in the air can corrode things quicker and with the buildings being for livestock, animal waste can also be corrosive. It was therefore essential to galvanise the steel and protect the buildings from corrosion.

The team here at Concrete Panel Systems supplied the concrete panels, which were 90mm thick and to a height of 2m (stacked using 2 x 1M high panels). They were fitted on the one side and both gable ends.

When Graham Heath Construction asked the family how they found the overall experience they commented “From the outset the company were very easy to work with. Communication was very good – setting out plans/time frame. Everyone in the process has been very helpful.”

We’re very pleased to have another happy customer and delighted to be working with the Carnaghan family again, given they have recently placed another order for their farm on the beautiful South Downs, this time a 120’ x 60’ x 30’ straw store!

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