Case Study: Steel framed building with concrete panels for the beautiful Micklefield Hall

A recent project for our sister company Graham Heath Construction was the design and manufacture of a 100’ x 50’ x 16’4” building for one of their valued customers, Jamie Rankin. They constructed the building with our concrete panels on the estate at Micklefield Hall – a stunning country house wedding venue in Hertfordshire.

They got in touch with Jamie and he was happy to tell them about this family run business as well as the interesting history of Micklefield Hall.

Tell us more about Micklefield Hall

“We are a traditional farming estate. We work with a specialist grass fed beef grower and follow conservation agricultural techniques for best practice and to enhance the environment and sequestrate carbon back into the soils. We grow trees for use in our wood boiler, for timber and again to enhance the biodiversity for the benefit of wildlife.

We let buildings for commercial use and we run a wedding business from our 16th century barn.”

Micklefield Hall has been with the family for over 50 years as Jamie’s parents in law bought it in 1967. “Anna lived here as a child and we took over from her parents in 1998 when they retired and to inject new life into the place. The next generation will take over from us on 1st January 2026!”

What is your aim/vision for Micklefield Hall?

“Every wedding to be the best day of the couple’s lives. To generate profit to continue to develop the estate and maintain the properties, many listed. To enhance the environment for the benefit of wildlife and nature to maintain and create a beautiful place to live and be.”

What is the reason for and purpose of your new building?

“Good quality farm buildings are essential and are best built as a strong umbrella structure so that they can be adapted for different uses as required. The world is always changing and farming is no exception and so versatile buildings are essential. This barn has been constructed for the processing of wood for the biomass boiler that serves the wedding barn but the open nature of the building would allow it to be readily adapted for an alternative use.”

Were there any specific material or design requirements for the build?

“Yes, it had to be level with the adjacent building and to have concrete walls and both roller shutter doors and personnel doors at either end. There is a dividing wall within and concrete walls within the building. The cladding to be of a colour to fit the setting.”

An inside image of the building in the process of being constructed

Jamie therefore chose Juniper Green for the roof, end and side cladding as well as Juniper Green plastisol finish for the gable end personnel doors.  The 2m high (stacked using 2 x 1M high panels) and 140mm thick concrete panels to both sides and ends as well as the concrete panels for the dividing wall that you can see on the photos were supplied by ourselves here at Concrete Panel Systems.

What were the aims and objectives of the build?

“A quality barn which will last and is versatile to accommodate the inevitable changes of use that come with time.”

Are there any features of your building that you are particularly pleased with?

“It fits the space well and is a good versatile size.”

When we asked Jamie if he had any other comments, he said “I would recommend Graham Heath as a reliable company, good communicators who deliver their promise.”

We are delighted to hear that we have another customer who is pleased with their building and concrete panels.

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For more information on Micklefield Hall, check out their Website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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