How Biomass Boilers Can Save You Money

The team at Concrete Panel Systems (CPS) have for some time been concerned about our energy usage. As a commitment to our environmental statement and the aim of lowering our carbon footprint we chose to move forward with a bio mass boiler. Formerly we were using a large amount of kerosene for our onsite operations. Looking to the future the fuel we will be using will be responsibly sourced from forests where they have tree replacement schemes in place. If they change fuels or suppliers the fuel will be sourced from recycled waste wood or pallets.


Another attractive reason for switching to a Biomass boiler is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat production.


The RHI pays participants of the scheme that generate and use renewable energy to heat their buildings. By increasing the generation of heat from renewable energy sources (instead of fossil fuels), the RHI helps the UK reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet targets for reducing the effects of climate change.

For Concrete Panel Systems that equates to receiving 8.8p for every unit of renewable heat the boiler generates for the first 1,314 hours it operates each year and 2.3p per hour for every other hour it is in operation for a total of 20 years. This means that the system should pay for itself within 3.5 years, leaving us with many years of additional index-linked RHI payments.”


The Non-domestic RHI – launched in November 2011 provides payments to industry, businesses and public sector organisations.


The 199kw wood chip biomass boiler from Geogen was chosen as it has a very good reputation and back up service / warranty. The boiler in question has had a new building constructed around it by us at CPS that ensures it is insulated to guarantee minimum heat loss.



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