Are your farm buildings ready for silage season and harvest 2024.

Update and upgrade your crop storage with us

We are a UK leading manufacturer of UKCA Marked concrete products, stocking a wide range of panel sizes, as well as making any length to order. With over 10 years’ experience, we’re small enough to listen but big enough to deliver, being able to fulfill your order on time and at a competitive price!

We supply farmers all over the UK with Concrete panels , specializing in silage Clamp, Crop storage and walling.

Our panels are the perfect fit for silage and crop storage , the panels offer a quick building solution by slotting on top of another with the unique grooves to lock into place and secured between steel posts and bolts. This offers you immense strength and durability for any storage clamp. We manufacture panels suitable for crop storage in 140mm & 170mm thickness.

crop storage bays

☑️90mm | Ideal for livestock walling

☑️140mm | Suitable for retaining wall for grain, silage and earth

☑️170mm | Great for excess weight loads for high walls.

Quality assured concrete …

All our Concrete Panel  products adhere to UKCA approved standards,  therefore, you can be rest assured that you’re getting quality products delivered for your upcoming building or project.

Whether you need to update your existing storage or create a new clamp , talk to us today 01270258076

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